Open Web Training

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & SQL

Why Open Web Training?

Open Web Training is the only training company which focusses entirly on Web Development. We provide professional instruction on the important core technologies, and foster an understanding of web development.

Our courses offer:

A coherent and integrated plan
Each separate course is part of an overall structure designed to cover all of the basic skills required to become a well-rounded web developer.
Course content is developed to introduce and build on skills and concepts, and cover modern approaches and best practices.
A comprehensive training manual with detailed explanations, exercises, and reference material
The training manual is purpose-built to cover the content in an organised and orderly fashion.
The manuals are designed so that students can independantly review what they have learned, and contains valuable reference material to help extend their knowledge.
Hands-on experience with worked projects
The instructor-led courses are focussed on giving students as much hands-on learning as possible.
Exercises and samples are built around one or more projects to help place skills and concepts in a meanigful context.

Only Open Web Training offers a structured training plan, through which students can be sure to cover all the essential skills in an ordered manner:

  • Each course builds upon the skills and knowledge of predecessor courses
  • Concepts and skills are introduced in context when they are needed

See our Course Map for an outline of how our courses fit together.